Taste it

Gourmets can also enjoy the specialties of Békéscsaba, where late October has become famous with festive days dedicated to sausages combined with fair and musical events. An international tourist attraction, the Csabai Sausage Festival that has been organized since 1997, has become one of Hungary’s major gastronomic events attracting over a hundred thousand visitors each year. Békéscsaba also hosts Hungary’s most popular beer festival, where mouth-watering delicacies can be found which also includes barbecued pig’s trotters. Culture buffs will not feel disappointed either.

Gourmands can also enjoy the delicacies of the table in Békéscsaba. One of the best-known foods is the smoked sausage that has the name of the city and Slovakian dishes, like strapachka. These are dumplings made with potatoes that are browned in butter, and then topped with breadcrumbs, bacon, cooked cabbage, chives or green onions or cheese. They are served as a separate course, as a side dish with meat, or can be the main dish as well. There are also various kinds of cabbage soups and the famous plum pálinka (a traditional type of brandy), which are a must for those who love to wine and dine.  Visitors in Békéscsaba can choose from a wide selection of quality gastronomic and cultural events all the year round. The Csaba Sausage Festival (in October) has become one of Hungary’s most prestigious gastronomic events. It is a series of cultural events and entertainment during ‘disznóvágás’ (killing a pig by the help of neighbours in a backyard and making sausages, ham and black pudding). The true highlight of the festival is the sausage-making contest, where Hungarian celebrities also try to give their best every year. We have open-air events in Békéscsaba including the Csaba Beer Festival, the Csülökparádé (a cooking competition where different varieties of ‘csülökpörkölt’ (pig’s trotters stew) are prepared) and Lecsó Festival (cooking thick vegetable stew which includes peppers and tomato, onion, lard, salt, sugar and ground paprika as the basic ingredients).