Slovakian flavors

Slovakians during their settlement in Békéscsaba brought their gastronomy to the city. Slovakian kitchen has meals which are simple with available ingredients, mostly made with flour, potatoes and cabbage. The ones living in poor regions couldn’t eat much meat; they only ate poultry if animals were sick. Their diet was modest. They made their diet diverse with sausages and smoked pork ribs.

They used a lot of cottage cheese, mostly sheep cheese (so called brindza in slovakian language).

Haluska is a slovakian meal (pasta). They usually made it on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Poppy seed pasta was their special Christmas meal. Poppy seed symbolized abundance. In the last century, families were still eating haluska from a joint bowl. It has different varieties: cottage cheese, brindza, poppy seed, nuts and cabbage version was available.


Ingredients: 1 kg flour, 1 glass of hot water, 1 spoon salt, 4 eggs.
First salt the water. Flour a deep bowl. Make a hole in the flour with your hands; put the eggs and the water in this hole. Mix and share the pasta 4 parts (little balls). Cover the balls for 5 minutes. Stretch them to thin round form. Round them up, then slice it to 5 cm pieces. Put these pieces on top of eachoter and then slice the whole to thin slices.  Cook them in boiling water, and then wash them with cold water. Put it in a bowl and add a bit of fat, then flavor it. It is the best if it is baked afterwards.