Sausage recipe

The ‘secret recipe’
Ingredients: 10 kilos of mixed pork (leg, rib, loin, thin flank and rump) and some bacon if there is not enough fat. 200 grams of mild ground red homemade paprika, 50 grams of spicy hot ground red homemade paprika, 240 grams of coarse salt, 30 grams of finely chopped garlic and 20 grams of cumin seeds.
The best time for making the thick variety of the Csaba sausage is the period just before the Christmas season, when it is already quite cold. The pig is slaughtered early in the morning. It is blow-torched to remove hair, washed and butchered, then placed on a butcher’s table inside a dedicated room. The meat is deboned and ground with a hand-driven meat grinder with a coarse screen (i.e. one comprising holes 6 mm in diameter). The spices listed above are added to the still warm meat, which is then well kneaded. (Warm meat has a better adhesive capacity and is firmer in texture.) After all the ingredients have been mixed well, the meat is taken outside and spread 10 cm thick on a clean table. When the meat is cold, it is taken back and stuffed into hog casings (the colon) using a hand-driven meat grinder with a nozzle 10 or 20 mm in diameter (i.e. a small or a large one), equipped with a feed tube. The two ends of the sausage are tied in such a way that each sausage can be hanged on a separate smoking rod. Then the rods are placed on sausage stands (racks) in the pantry. There should be a constant flow of air in the pantry and the temperature should be no higher than 6 °C. After two days there, sausages are taken to the smokehouse or hanged in an open flue. Smoking over slowly smoldering beech sawdust takes six days. The temperature must not be higher than 12 °C. Once smoked, sausages are stored in the pantry, where they are left to cure at 18 °C. It takes the delicious, thick, homemade Csaba sausage about three months to cure.