Pálinka tradition

Just like everywhere in Hungary, we have traditions of spicy Hungarian food as well as traditions of Palinka ( the Hungarian destilled beverage) Palinka is made of fruits (100%) growing in Hungary , we mostly use: plum, pesr, apple, apricot, cherry or grapes, it has 37,5 percentage of alcohol.

The Árpád Pálinka tanya (pálinka farm) was awarded “The Pálinka Distillery of the Year” in 2012. Its products have won prestigious awards in national and international competitions. Visitors are shown around the pálinka farm with a traditional veranda called “podsztyena” by Árpád Nagy Jr, the owner of the distillery. They can learn about the history of the distillery, the process of pálinka distillation, the basics of pálinka tasting and the products of the distillery. The farm, which is also famous for home cooking, can accommodate larger groups too. The tasting house also offers pig slaughter programmes, barbecue parties and the roasting of whole lambs on a spit over an open fire.