Munkácsy Memorial House

Housed in the former Steiner-Omaszta Manor, the Munkácsy Memorial House was opened in 1994 to commemorate the painter’s 150th birthday. From 1854 until 1950, the buildings housing the exhibition were known as the home of the Omaszta family from the lesser nobility, which included Munkácsy’s aunt and her husband, . The manor is a listed building and, thanks to expert refurbishing, it has retained its original characteristics as a neo-classical rural manor. Munkácsy’s paintings are on display in 12 rooms. 21 original paintings in four rooms guide visitors through the painter’s various periods from his earliest works, through genres depicting daily rural life, the interiors of houses in Paris and portraits, to sketches for his religious tableaux. Now a wine club and a wine-tasting establishment, there is a cellar in the basement. The original furnishings were hidden by the Lutheran Church in the era of nationalisation in Hungary. and as it later lent them to the Memorial House for the latter to render the exhibition complete, visitors also get an insight into 19th century interior decoration. The building at the back has been dedicated to workshops in contemporary museum education. They deal with Munkácsy’s art and the lifestyle of the nobility and the middle classes in 19th century and present then in a highly entertaining way to both the young and the old.


• Adults: 600 HUF
• Children and students: 300 HUF

Address: 5600 Békéscsaba, Gyulai út 5.
Tel.: +36/66/442-080