Csaba Park


The Csabai sausage and the CsabaPark

Sausages and the Csabai Sausage Festival are what first come to people’s mind when they hear the name of the town Békéscsaba. This is no mere coincidence, since Békéscsaba is the capital of sausages. The Csabai sausage is a world famous Hungarian speciality and the Sausage Festival is the biggest gastronomic event in the region applying the traditions of sausage making art. Locals are deservedly proud of both.

The original, genuine Csabai sausage is a traditional folk product. It is a unique accessory of local life to which folk work process and custom are attached. The art of making the sausage is still a thriving folklore, which has hardly changed for over one hundred years from one generation to another.

Based on these reasons CsabaPark idea was implemented, it is the future venue of the Csabai Sausage Festival, a gastro-tourism centre preserving, fostering and presenting the tradition of the Csabai sausage making art.

Sausage Courtyard Visitor Centre, Event Hall

Each and every part of CsabaPark’s Sausage Courtyard Visitor Centre is attached to the town’s famous product, and to its past and present in a myriad of ways. The exhibition area of the Sausage Museum presents the history of sausage making art and the traditional equipment by the help of a modern, interactive system. The pork processing and sausage making procedures used nowadays are presented to visitors at the sausage workshop and visitors have the chance to interactively join and be part of the sausage making process. Pork products manufactured in a traditional way are on sale in the Meat Shop.

The restaurant providing seats for 100 guests, offers a wide range of traditional Csabai dishes for connoisseurs (bloody sausages, sausages, pork offal mix, Kiszely soup).

The event hall with an area of 2,800 m2, a floor-to-ceiling height of 9.4 metres is capable of accommodating 600 guests, it is suitable for organizing events and team-building trainings.

Kitchen of Giants Theme Park

The Kitchen of Giants is the unique feature of CsabaPark. The theme park offers special entertainment for both little children and adults. Visitors are provided to learn the sausage making process and the usage of traditional tools in a funny way by the help of games combined with creative, unique skill elements. The life-size model of the meat grinder and sausage filler -used for sausage making- are part of the exhibition, visitors have the opportunity to try the smoking chamber -used for preserving sausages-, as well as the model of a maize storing unit

Nature Study Trails, Petting Zoo and Fitness Park

The nature study trails located within the 43 hectare area of CsabaPark are giving opportunity to study the forest’s flora and fauna both by bicycle and on foot. Besides the study trails, covered rest areas, benches, picnic areas and outdoor fireplaces are set up, giving the chance to visitors to rest and relax. In addition, the petting zoo and the open-air fitness park welcome guests wishing to relax and exercise.


The Wine Museum reception centre built up in the area of CsabaPark pays tribute to Adolf Stark’s memory. Viticulture, winemaking traditions and equipments, as well as the processes and descriptions are presented here. The building stands along the Körte (Pear) Row side, provides a place for cultural events, exhibitions, concerts and children’s workshops, it is also the information point of the festival park (informative interfaces and brochures). Baggage room and canteen will also be created in this area.

Pálinka (a traditional local brandy) distillation is a crucial part of the rich gastronomic offer in the region. The Pálinka Museum Visitor Centre presents the pálinka making process and traditions in an interactive way. This building is also a central unit of CsabaPark, it is suitable for conferences, expos or any other events. A sausage rolling venue will also be evolved which is suitable for team building events and ensures the atmosphere of the Csabai Sausage Festival in the park all year. As previously implemented developments, the Visitor Centre bears the traditional traits of Slovak architecture, thus emphasising the honour of traditions.

Thanks to the natural environment and location, CsabaPark offers great opportunities for organising major open-air gastronomic, musical and cultural festivals. As a result of the developments (special tents), the 6 different sized open-air festival venues laying on a 13,000 m2 area also offers the opportunity to organize events in bad weather and may even host the two biggest events in our town -the Csabai Sausage Festival and the Csabai Beer Festival and Trotter Parade- in the future.

Programmes offered:

  • Pig feast show
  • Sausage making
  • Company events
  • Children’s programmes in the Kitchen of Giants theme park
  • Gastronomic and cultural programmes