Békéscsaba’s location



Békéscsaba is located in the southeastern part of Hungary between the Körös and Maros rivers. Békéscsaba. It is 200 km far from Budapest, 90 km far from Szeged and 130 km far from Debrecen. The romanian border  (Gyulavarsánd) is 20 km far eastwards and Arad is 60 km away.

Békéscsaba is a crucial transport junction, road 44 (Budapest – Kecskemét – Békéscsaba – Gyula) and road 47 (Szeged-Debrecen) meet here.  Railway 120 and 135 are crossing the city. During the railway development, which ended in 2016, a 140-160 km/h speed railway was created, so the time of travel decreased to only 2,5 hours.

Békéscsaba also has an airport which is capable of taking international small planes.